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Are you a certified HCOP official who has just moved to Barrie, Ontario (new to the area)

You need to register with our Referee's Association (the BHRA) in order to receive Barrie Minor Hockey Association (HL, A, AA) or AAA ice hockey assignments in Barrie.

Complete our BHRA Registration Form and send it to the BHRA Secretary.

You also need to attend our monthly referees meetings (see NEWS) and pay your local BHRA dues to our associations Treasurer.

Are you a BRAND NEW certified HCOP official looking to officiate in Barrie, Ontario?

Once you have attended an New Officials Clinic and you are registered with the OMHA, contact the Referee-In-Chief of the Barrie Minor Hockey Association to see if new officials are required.

1) Register with us (the BHRA) using our BHRA Registration Form. Send the completed form to the BHRA Secretary.

2) Contact the Treasurer of the BHRA to make arrangements for payment of BHRA annual dues.

3) Go purchase full officiating gear ASAP as you can't officiate without it.

We only accept registration from certified HCOP officials who are "BHRA members in good standing". DO NOT Log on and register IF you are NOT registered as a BHRA Official. We refuse registrations when we do not know who you are.

You "may" receive officiating assignments prior to our on-ice mentoring clinics, depending on requirements.

5) Contact the BMHA Office to complete their form in order to register for House League pay automatic bank deposit.

6) Attend our monthly BHRA members meeting for information and instruction. Meeting announcements are always sent to our member officials ahead of time via email. Announcements are posted on the NEWS page of our website.

7) Attend our BHRA on ice training sessions. All BHRA new Junior Officials are automatically in our referee associations training programs. See our Mentoring webpage. Contact Adam Hook for details

Level 1 Officials may only officiate as per the OMHA Eligibility Chart - Tyke and Novice HL. There are a number of Level 1 Officials so assignments may not be received as frequently as new officials may expect.

Information for those BRAND NEW to Officiating

The Barrie Hockey Referees Association (BHRA) does not administer Hockey Canada's referee certification program (HCOP). All local "New Officials Clinics" are coordinated and scheduled by the OMHA, all information is provided by the OMHA, all fees are paid to the local Minor Hockey Association hosting the clinic, all evaluations and promotions are handled by OMHA supervisors, and all clinics are instructed by OMHA Instructors. You CAN NOT register for any OMHA clinic through the BHRA, or through the BMHA office.

Hockey Canada Officiating Program (HCOP)

Minor ice hockey officials in Canada are certified under Hockey Canada's HCOP program, administered through the Provincial Associations. The Ontario Hockey Federation governs in Ontario through its member partners (Alliance, OWHA, OMHA, GTHL, and NOHA).

Our local Referees Association (BHRA) is located in the Barrie, Ontario area. We work mainly through the OMHA (they govern minor hockey in our region) although we have senior association members who officiate OHA, OHL, and University hockey. The BHRA is NOT a provincial governing body, we are a local referee's association formed to assist in the training of local referees.

Re-Certification clinics are for returning certified officials only. All Referee's must recertify by attending a classroom clinic and passing exams every YEAR (at the start of each season). Brand NEW officials may NOT attend one of these Re-Certification clinics.

According to the OMHA's FAQ section - New officials must be 14 years of age or older in order to attend a
New Official Entry Level Clinic (classroom session).

OMHA Referee Information Link

The OMHA is the provincial governing body responsible for training and certifying minor hockey officials in our area. To get started - in our area contact the OMHA (Ontario Minor Hockey Association) office for training details regarding dates, locations, and cost of the new official entry level clinics.

Kevin Hamilton is the OMHA Manager, Development Programs.
Kim Withers is the Administrative Assistant, Development/Registration for referees.

When you register for a New Official Entry Level Clinic, a fee is payable. Please follow the hosting provincial hockey association's instructions regarding this payment. This fee includes your membership within that provincial association, training you will receive, supervision by the provincial associations supervisors, communication items, and INSURANCE (both Personal Injury and Liability).

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Contact the RIC of the local minor hockey organization you wish to officiate with,
in order to receive instructions and information about any local New Official Entry Level Clinics, and to find out procedures for officiating with their organization. You STILL have to register through the OMHA for ANY New Official Entry Level Clinic.

According to the OMHA's FAQ section - New officials must be 14 years of age or older in order to attend a New Official Entry Level Clinic (classroom session).

New Official Entry Level Clinic information is
usually posted on the OMHA's website after the first week of September. These clinics don't start until after the Annual Re-Cert Clinics for current registered officials finish (usually by the beginning of October). New Official Entry Level Clinics don't run until later in October and November however information about clinics that are already full are not posted.

Start your contacting early in the summer. If you wait until the fall (before you contact anyone) you run the risk of being too late. New Official Entry Level Clinics fill early. Full clinics normally do not make the list published on the OMHA's website. If you miss this years round of fall entry level clinics, you will have to wait again until next year.

Keep checking the OMHA web site. Once you see clinic listings, you will need to look for "Entry Level Clinics".

OMHA clinic listings
(After clicking on the above link, if there is no Referee's Clinic listed then the information has not been made available yet by the OMHA)

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OMHA Referee Schools
(These schools are for NEW Officials only)

Don't forget to check out information about the OMHA Referee Schools held annually in Guelph, Trenton and Windsor.
Updated 2014 information (provided by the OMHA) is now available (June of each season).

These schools run over an entire weekend (usually in September) and include class room time as well as on ice sessions with Instructors from all levels of hockey (amateur and pro). Also normally included in your fee is hotel and meals for the weekend, but please see the Ontario Minor Hockey Association for specific details.

Apply in June or early July as registration fees increase after the beginning of August.

2014 OMHA Referees School Announcement
Trenton, Guelph & Windsor
September 26-29, 2014

Contact : Registrar

Guelph Referee's School
Registration link and 2014 Information Flyer

OMHA Police Record Check Policy

All new officials require a Police Record Check (costs approximately $40 locally) available through your local police department. The form is to be completed, sealed and handed in to the OMHA at the clinics. In our region (because hockey officials are paid) the full fee of $40 is normally charged. Allow two to six weeks for this process to be completed.  You cannot begin officiating in the OMHA without this PRC submission.

2006 OMHA Police Record Check Policy Letter

2009 OMHA Police Record Check Policy

2010 OMHA Police Record Check Clarification Memo

Barrie Police Services
Police Record Check forms and procedures

All current HCOP certified officials have submitted PRC forms to the OMHA. Referee's are required to annually hand in a sealed Criminal Offense Declaration form at our Re-cert Clinic. Referee's are ineligible to officiate until this form is handed in.

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Promotion of officials is handled by provincial hockey governing organizations (in Ontario the OHF's minor hockey member partners - Alliance, OWHA, OMHA, GTHL, NOHA) through their supervisors recommendations.

Promotions are NOT handled through local referee associations, like the BHRA, however the supervisors in our area belong to our association. Promotions are NOT AUTOMATIC, they are EARNED by having several successful on-ice evaluations at each level. Supervisions are only handled by OMHA Supervisors during games!

New officials (Level 1) will start working in the two official system, learning the ropes at lower levels of hockey. Officials must be 16 years of age or older in order to be elevated to Level 2R.

You will be eligible to begin working as a linesman in the three man system after you are elevated to level 2R, but there are OMHA rules about the level of hockey you are qualified to officiate that must be followed and there are rules to follow about being two years older than the age of the players you are working with.

Advancement through the levels is by "merit" obtained only after numerous successful evaluations and promotions by the local provincial minor hockey association supervisors. Remember, anybody you see doing higher levels of hockey earned it by paying their dues at the minor hockey level and improving themselves.

Later you will be promoted to 2C, which means you are now eligible to officiate (two man system) REP hockey and you will now be able to start working as a referee in the three official system. However there is always an OMHA chart that specifies your eligibility level, AND your OMHA Supervisor may "restrict" your assignment level as you learn how to referee higher calibre games. No matter how high a level you reach as an official, there is always a chart that may limit your eligibility to officiate levels of games.

Another item to note is this: the higher the level one reaches as an official, the higher the minimum grade required in order to pass the annual exams. Most officials who have been around for a number of years and who have moved up several levels require an 80% minimum grade in order to pass the exams every year.

Senior referees at Level 5 & 6 require a 90% minimum grade in order to pass the exams every year.

You will not officiate Junior hockey in the OHA without advancing first through local minor hockey ranks. Junior hockey supervisors look for 18 to 24 year old certified officials (Level 3) with a track record. Others outside this general category, have received the opportunity to do junior hockey, but they are the exception rather than the norm. Good officials come to the attention of Junior hockey supervisors.

If you want to advance as an official to Junior and Professional hockey, it all starts at the bottom.

For those who want more information about refereeing, begin at the national level with Hockey Canada. Go to the How to Get Started section for general referee information.

In Ontario (our province) go to the Ontario Hockey Federation. The OHF has a section on refereeing as well - Officiating Development.

Finally, in our region see the Ontario Minor Hockey Association where the OMHA has posted information under Development Programs - Referee Program Overview.

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