Step 1 (Local)
BHRA Officiating Complaint Procedure

Hockey is an emotional game, and it is unfortunate that sometimes emotions get the better of the participants. This includes players, team officials, fans, and on-ice officials. Occasionally, when an on-ice official displays inappropriate behaviour, sometimes there is a feeling that on-ice officials are beyond reproach or control.

The BHRA maintains a Rules and Deportment Committee composed of the BHRA Chairman, two Referee In Chief's (BMHA & AAA) and several area OMHA Supervisors who will investigate complaints
received in writing regarding the conduct of any official within our Barrie area, and hand out discipline if required.

You may contact the committee by sending an email with your
complaint in writing attached, and your contact information to or

Step 2 (Provincial)
OMHA Officiating Complaint Procedure

The Supervisory staff of officials, within the OMHA, maintains a Disciplinary Committee whose task it is to investigate, adjudicate, and recommend punishment in cases where an official’s conduct or behaviour is contrary to the ideals, policies, and procedures of Hockey Canada, the OHF and the OMHA.

To effectively manage these complaints, the OMHA needs the cooperation of the member clubs, and their teams, in the gathering of the preliminary information needed to efficiently deal with these situations, as presented. With this in mind, the following are the necessary steps to prepare a complaint for submission:

1. Endorsement by the organization. Sometimes non-hockey, or non-current issues between the individuals involved may motivate a complaint. To alleviate unnecessary workload, each complaint needs the endorsement of the complainant team’s Minor Hockey Association. This endorsement must be given by any two of the following positions: your President, your Secretary, your OMHA Director, your Delegate, and/or your Referee-In-Chief.

2. Put it in writing. Complaints can only be acted upon if they are Centre endorsed and presented in writing, either by letter, fax, or email. If email is used, please use the subject line to provide the date and place of the game (i.e.: “COMPLAINT – Oct 15, 2012 at Dunlop Street Arena”)

3. Include the game sheet(s). To lessen the tracking down time associated with contacting the officials, as well as understanding the perspective of the game during the investigation, one of the most critical documents is the game sheet(s). Often more details are included on the back of the original copy, and having a copy of the game sheet allows the investigation to source out the original from the convenor.

4. Just the facts. Too often, valid points are obscured by an emotional response, or statement of personal belief. Impartial, unbiased Supervisors, who have considerable experience in the game of hockey, will perform the review by the Committee. By removing the emotion and opinion from the written complaint, it is more likely that all of the important information will be included.

5. Provide any supporting evidence. Whether it is contact information, or actual statements, any kind of supporting information that you may have should be included. If statements are gathered, please ensure that they are from identifiable sources, as these people may be contacted to expand on the information that they have provided.

Complaints should be distributed to the appropriate Regional Executive Member (REM), and to the Referees Development Coordinator for the area. The seriousness and nature of the complaint will determine whether it is addressed by the local Supervisor, the Discipline Committee, the Technical Director – (Officials of the OMHA), or by the REM directly. Responses from complaints may include: additional training, supervision in games, probation, suspension, or removal of certification. As with any disciplinary action, confidentiality and respect for privacy will be maintained. The organization generating the complaint will be advised, after a judgment has been reached, that the matter has been addressed. If appropriate and /or required, details of the process will be advised to the organization at that time.

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